Frequently asked questions

And our answers.
What types of freelancers can I find through Smartjobr?

You can find pretty much anyone who is working in the national and international creative and digital industries. Whether you are looking for Designers, Editors, Consultants, UX Experts, Developers, Photographers, Project Managers, Motion Designers, 3D Artists, and many others – the more the community grows, the bigger the pool of available experts in Smartjobr becomes.

How does the matching work?

It all comes to down to the hashtags. For freelancers to find suitable job offers, it really is as easy as filling out their profile and keeping it up-to-date to reap all the benefits from the matching technology. It works fully automated, without having to put in any extra work. Also via push notification. Clients use hashtags to easily tailor their job postings towards freelancers with the appropriate skill set and references. Within a matter of seconds, the gig goes online and draws in freelancers who match the hashtags. The whole process of posting gigs and finding the right experts to do it becomes so much faster and easier for both sides. Our matching works with specific job-related parameters and continually improves based on the usage behavior of freelancers and clients – commonly known as machine learning.

Why are some of the hashtags blue?

For freelancers: Those are your top skills you can select from your list of skills when you click on edit. During matching, job offers that match your top skills have a higher ranking if the other matching values are identical.&nbsp;<br>For clients: This helps highlight a freelancer's top skills and navigate their profile more quickly. This also improves matching results, as described above.

What payment options do I have?

Depending on the platform you're on, you can pay by credit card or invoice (in our web application) or through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store using in-app purchases (in our mobile applications). In the case of an in-app purchase, you agree to a license agreement with Apple or Google and pay using their available payment methods. If you don't have an App Store account, you will need to create one to purchase a job listing.

I’m a freelancer, who can view my daily rate?

Only clients can see your daily rate, other freelancers don’t.

How can I delete my account/profile?

The free user account may be terminated on the part of the user at any time without stating reasons. Cancellation can be made at https://www.smartjobr.com/account/delete or by sending a notice stating the member's name to contact@smartjobr.com. Once notice of termination has been given, the user’s user account shall be deleted and the contractual relationship shall be deemed ended. Where statutory retention periods exist, the user data shall be stored up to the expiry of the respective period.