Fixed price for client
Free of costs for freelancers

No subscription, full control of costs and an easily understandable pricing – that is what we want to offer you as a client. A Job Posting enables your freelancer search to be

fast, precise and without any commission – the turbo booster for your processes.

As a freelancer

, all you have to do is fill your profile in detail by using hashtags precisely.Having done that, jobs will approach you!


Job-search for Freelancers

0 €
No job acquisition – the jobs will approach you
Precise matching, thanks to AI
Automatically get notified in case of matchings
International network
Free and without commission


Job-Posting for 30 days

249 €
99 €
Price is per posting
excl. VAT — no subscription

Our offer for you as a new customer: Simply test our service for

30 days without limitations.
No commission, no subscription
Precise Matching from thousands of freelancers, thanks to AI
Results within 15 minutes
Direct communication with the freelancers
Expires automatically after 30 days
Free trial period (30 days)

Special Conditions

You would like to arrange a special contract with us, like a larger package of job postings? Feel free to contact us.